Sunday, May 6, 2012

Theme 9 Week 1 Words

List A - by, my, fly, try, cry, why, pry, deny
List B - Shy, Sly, spy, fly, try, cry why, deny, multiply

Word wall words: around, dance, else, ever,ocean, open, talk, through

ATTENTION::: If you are buying shoes in the next few days or you have extra shoe boxes laying around, please send them our way! We will be creating land form dioramas!

Funny Schedule this week:
Monday - Students will be joining the kdg at 2:30 pm to practice for the spring concert on May 15th
Tuesday - We will finally be taking the DMI assessments.
Wednesday - I will be gone to Ottumwa for our PBIS training
Thursday - Normal day as far as I know :)
Friday - Start working on our land form projects

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