Sunday, April 15, 2012

Big Stuff in First Grade!!

Get ready for an extra exciting 2 weeks!We have a trip coming up this week, and a day off the following week. There will also be researching, fractions and more more learning in our future.

Important Dates:

April 10th - Day with out shoes to support TOMS and
April 19th FIELD TRIP ~ Please wear comfortable clothes, tennis shoes, and bring a yummy sack lunch.
April 23rd - DMI (district math tests) Be sure to get plenty of rest and eat a healthy breakfast!
April 23 - 26th - Book Fair - In the Library Pence will be hosting a book fair. Come check it out! 
April 24 & 26 Grandparents day - See Pence Papers for details
April 27th - No School 
May 28 - No School for Memorial Day
May 30th - Will Not be a Late start - Normal Day 
May 31st - Last day of school

Last week, and this up coming week we have been working on a research paper. The students have been diligently searching for information on an animal that they chose. Ask your student all about their animal, by now they should be experts! We have looked in books and on the internet.

Here is a great site  and very kid friendly:

Spellng words List A:
now, cow, out, pout, shout, down, how, loud

Spelling Words List B:

now, cow, out, down, found, pouch, house, crowded,

Word Wall Words: 
Always arms body eight ready seven warm

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