Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 23 - 28th

As always, we have a busy week ahead of us!

Last week we had quite the adventure to the Iowa Childcare's Museum. The students (and myself!) explored air, crafting, motion, legos, farming, trains, and well much more! It was such a great experience watching the children's eyes light up when they discovered something new. Another big THANK YOU to our parent helpers. We definitely had a surplus of help. Please check out the facebook page to see all the cool pictures of our class!

This week we have Grandparents visiting us on Tuesday and Thursday. They are welcome to visit for breakfast and to check out the classrooms. In our class we have been working very hard on a readers theater piece that we will be performing for our visitors.

Tomorrow (Monday) we will have a presentation from the Midwest one bank on saving money. Sabrina will visit our room to to give a lesson on the value of saving as part of the American Bankers Association Education Foundation’s annual Teach Children to Save Day.

We will also be wrapping up our research projects. Students have been working hard at learning about one particular animal and then taking what they learned and writing about it. We have used the internet, books and other means to find out everything we can!

Keep sending in those box tops! By now you should have received a very bright pink sheet to help you collect those little rectangles. The classes that collects 500 tops will win a root beer float party and the class that collects the most will earn a pizza party!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Iowa Children's Museum Trip!!

IOWA CHILDREN"S MUSEUM TOMORROW!!  - Wear comfy clothes and good shoes. Don't forget your sack lunch and best behavior!  Bus is leaving at 9:30 am.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Big Stuff in First Grade!!

Get ready for an extra exciting 2 weeks!We have a trip coming up this week, and a day off the following week. There will also be researching, fractions and more more learning in our future.

Important Dates:

April 10th - Day with out shoes to support TOMS and
April 19th FIELD TRIP ~ Please wear comfortable clothes, tennis shoes, and bring a yummy sack lunch.
April 23rd - DMI (district math tests) Be sure to get plenty of rest and eat a healthy breakfast!
April 23 - 26th - Book Fair - In the Library Pence will be hosting a book fair. Come check it out! 
April 24 & 26 Grandparents day - See Pence Papers for details
April 27th - No School 
May 28 - No School for Memorial Day
May 30th - Will Not be a Late start - Normal Day 
May 31st - Last day of school

Last week, and this up coming week we have been working on a research paper. The students have been diligently searching for information on an animal that they chose. Ask your student all about their animal, by now they should be experts! We have looked in books and on the internet.

Here is a great site  and very kid friendly:

Spellng words List A:
now, cow, out, pout, shout, down, how, loud

Spelling Words List B:

now, cow, out, down, found, pouch, house, crowded,

Word Wall Words: 
Always arms body eight ready seven warm

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Here is a site about Smokey the bear!

We are learning about helping the earth and being careful with fire is a big way to help! A small spark can start a forest fire. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Iowa Children's Museum Trip!!

We will be attending the Iowa Children's Museum on April 19th. Click on the Link  to see what is happening at the museum.

If you would like to volunteer for the all day trip, please contact me. Volunteers will be chosen on a first come first serve basis. I will also be sending home a letter with more information.

Grandparents Breakfast April 24th and 26th. Check out the Pence Papers (sent home last week) for more details.

Keep following our blog to stay up-to-date!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Theme 8 Word Wall words and spelling

                    April 10th picture day!                        

Spelling: jump, jumping, shopping, run, running, singing, eat, eating
(talking about why the ing is at the end)

Word Wall Words: because, about, part, draw, tiny, teacher, happy

Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Fever!

Can you believe we only have 43 days of school left!! I hope no one has caught the Spring Fever. Symptoms include wanting to be outside, laying around in the sunshine, taking long walks on the trails... oh well maybe it would be a good thing if you caught it! 

We have also had a lot of things going on in our room. This week we were introduced to our new student Aspen! She is a very bright girl and interested in reading and dolphins. Our class is also very excited to get to know her. 

TOMORROW! (April 5th) Wear your favorite baseball team gear - minus the cleats. 
( ~ brownie points for the cub fans)

Past events: 

The Friday before Spring break we took a trip to the park. Our goal was to find various shapes in and around the equipment.. And of course to have fun!

 Also before break, we were learning about solids, liquids, and gases. Students should be able to tell you which state of matter different items or things would fit in. Below we did an experiment to show gas. We mixed vinegar and baking soda. The gas that it created filled up the balloon!
 Above: Along with going to the park to learn about shapes. Students created shapes using clay. The student here made a cone! 

Next up: 

Science - Students will need to be able to identify different parts of a plant and what they need to grow. We are growing different fruits and vegetables in our rooms and we will be documenting what we observe. Next time you are in the yard or going for a walk, point out some of the plants around and have your student tell you what the different parts are. Also, discuss what the plants are used for. Some are for people to eat, some are for animals to eat, some are for animal homes, and others are to look pretty! 

Writing - During this quarter we will be working on an animal research project. Students will pick out an animal (other than typical house pets) and research different information for the creature. They will also be using the computers and library to conduct their research. Students haven't picked out their animal yet, but we have talked about the project and I have asked them to think about what they might want to learn more about. 

Reading - We are going to be looking a lot at non-fiction and learning how to gain knowledge from this genre. This will help us to gain information for our selves and for our research projects. Students often get fiction and non-fiction mixed up. It helps to discuss this with your student when you are reading a book or a magazine. Ask your student if it is non-fiction or fiction, as well as "how do you know." This gets them to learn the difference and challenge their thinking.

Students are also learning about suffixes - ing, ed, and s. We are also learning about how the ending can change the meaning of the word. Pick out different words and have your student add the different endings. Explore which words make sense when you change them, and which ones don't. 


Tree, trees, bird, birds, cup, cups, gloves 

Secret word: I will write a secret word somewhere in my blog. Tell your student the word and they will tell me in the room. This will earn them an X on our work chart! 

Secret word for the week is  - Forest