Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spelling and Word Wall Words Theme 7 week 2

This week we have two lists. Students are in different reading groups and they know what group they are in. Group six will have a different list, all other groups will have the same.

Reminder: Spelling words are words that we are tested on how to spell every week. Students should be able to tell you how to spell them, how to read them, and how to use them in a sentence. Word wall words are words that students need to be able to read and write in a sentence. It is very helpful if they know how to write them as well, but I don't test them on their ability to write these words, just read them. 

Groups 1 - 5 Spelling
look, book, took, good, foot, cook, hoof, crook

 Group 6 Spelling
bloom, shook, brook, bloom, broom, spool, stool, crook, hoof 

 Word Wall Words: afraid, any, bean, follow, idea, most, tall, water

Secret Word: bear

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