Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spelling words and Surprise

Good Evening 1st grade supporters,

Sorry for the delay in getting these words out to you, I must have an early case of Spring fever! This week everyone will have the same words to study due to Spring Break being right around the corner.

zoo, too, soon, room, moose, moon, food, balloon

Surprise on Friday:
On Friday from 2 - 3pm our class will be celebrating. We will have filled our buckets by this time, and rightfully deserve to be rewarded for our efforts. If you would like to join us, please contact me before Thursday evening for more details. This is a surprise for the students, thus the reason I did not write exactly what we are doing :P

Math: We are working with shapes! Students are learning about how shapes are all around us.

Reading: "If you Give a Pig a Pancake" is the story for the week. Students are very excited about this story because it is funny, and many of them have already read it, or heard it read to them before.

Science: This week, and last week we have been focusing on solid, liquid, and gases. We are identifying different things in each catagory.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Khan Academy - Math Website on 60 minutes


Khan Academy is a great and simple math website for kids. It offers video tutorials for how to do math and eliminates a lot of the cartoony extra stuff. It was featured on 60 minutes tonight! '

I started using it with a few kids about a year ago and it really helped them with their basic facts. You need to have a gmail or facebook account (to ensure you are a real person and not just an advertiser).  As a parent you can sign up to be the "coach" and watch your child's progress. You can have multiple students/kids under your name so your whole family can be involved. Check it you and if you have questions let me know and I will answer what I can. Above is the link to the website, below is a link to the 60 minutes excerpt.

And the best part is, it's 100% free!! I also have an account so if you would like your student to add me as the coach my user name is my email: daniell.mcevoy@fairfieldsfuture.org.



Spelling and Word Wall Words Theme 7 week 2

This week we have two lists. Students are in different reading groups and they know what group they are in. Group six will have a different list, all other groups will have the same.

Reminder: Spelling words are words that we are tested on how to spell every week. Students should be able to tell you how to spell them, how to read them, and how to use them in a sentence. Word wall words are words that students need to be able to read and write in a sentence. It is very helpful if they know how to write them as well, but I don't test them on their ability to write these words, just read them. 

Groups 1 - 5 Spelling
look, book, took, good, foot, cook, hoof, crook

 Group 6 Spelling
bloom, shook, brook, bloom, broom, spool, stool, crook, hoof 

 Word Wall Words: afraid, any, bean, follow, idea, most, tall, water

Secret Word: bear

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Website for our reading books

Dear paresnts,

We are sitting at the carpet as I type this. Your students wanted me to post this website since we just visited it and played a game!

Your students and Miss M


Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Wow!! Can you believe third quarter is almost over? I know I can't. With the weather getting nicer out and spring fever breaking out, these next few weeks are going to fly by. Speaking of weather, please try to dress your student in layers. Iowa doesn't like to stay at one consistent temperature so having a jacket at school will be helpful in keeping your child comfortable while learning. Here are are few things that are happening with us...

Last week was Dr. Suess's Birthday and Read Across America. At Pence we all pulled out our books and read in the hallway for 10 minutes!

Saturday at the movies!! Free movie courteous of our Pence Pals Parent group. The movie "Hugo" will be starting at 10:00am Saturday afternoon at the Fairfield Movie Theater. Students, parents/guardians, and siblings will be able to get in free!! (The book is also outstanding if you get a chance to read it)

Math: We have been studying fact families these last few weeks. I sent home a printout of fact family triangles to cut out and practice at home. These are very helpful in understanding addition and subtraction. They are also a good tool to pull out if you have a few minutes of down time.

Science: Over the last few weeks we looked at different animals and their habitats. The students enjoyed learning about the different animals and how they survive in their own habitat. Then we made posters to hang in the hallway to show off our learning.

Social Studies: First graders are focusing on American symbols. You might have noticed the Statue of Liberty hats come home. A few other symbols that we will be learning about and need to know are the bald eagle, White House, American Flag, President of the United States, and the Pledge of Allegiance. Ask  you student if you see any of these symbols while watching television or reading for your 20 minutes at night.

Spelling: OA and OW is our word family focus this week and will continue to go into next week.

Reading: Have you made a prediction lately? We have! We are learning about making predictions based on the knowledge we have, and the clues the author provides. Proper nouns (specific person place or thing) will also be popping up in our learning. Students know a lot about nouns and naming words, now we are starting to identify proper nouns and making then capital in our writing. 

Secret Word: Estimate

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fun in first grade!!

 We are learning our addition and subtraction facts in a fun way! Above you see students using the ipods to play addition top-it. It is an interactive game for two players to practice their fact families and greater/less than.

In first grade we are learning the importance of inventors, and in third grade students need to be able to identify specific inventors. We decided to come together and share our knowledge! Here the third graders are presenting their posters to the first graders and telling them the cool facts they learned.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Theme 7 Week 1 Spelling (early!!)

I am sending these out very early since I will have a busy weekend :)

Our focus is "oa" and "ow" sounds

We will also be working on learning the American Symbols: Statue of Liberty, bald eagle, American Flag, White House, President of the United States, and Mount Rushmore.

If you have any fun pictures from trips you have taken and would like to share them with the class please do!!

Secret Word of the Week: caterpillar
(Tell your student the secret word and have them tell me at school to get an extra check on their work chart)