Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spelling Words Theme 6 Week 2

Here are your weekly spelling words :)


Please continue to work with your students every day with their spelling words. Encourage your student to write sentences with these words in them, or spell them out loud. You can also make if fun by putting flour or hair gel on a flat surface and letting the student write the word in it. Another fun way is to have them spell the word out with M&M's or chex, then if they get it right they can eat it.

As February moves on into March, we (teachers) often see a slump in students behavior and academics. This has a lot to do with not being outside as much, and not getting a lot of sun light or exercise. Try to encourage students to get outside more and move around. Get some exercise by dancing around together, or look for kids work out dvds. This is both good for the body and the mind.

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