Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Spelling list Theme 4 week 1 - And updates

Sorry these are a little late getting up!


This is a pretty easy list for the the group!! I want to also emphasize on writing the words nicely and so they are readable.

 Can you believe it is already December!

Math: We are starting to learn about measuring and how to use a ruler. Today we watched a clip from PBS kids on non-standard measuring and we will be measuring the room with our hand-spans, arm-spans and digits. To help practice at home, pull out a ruler and practice measuring different items.

Reading: These next few weeks we are going to work on summarizing. This is a tough concept for a lot of students. I'm going to be teaching the difference between re-telling (which most of them want to do) and summarizing.

READ READ READ: Some parents asked me what else they could be doing with their child. The number one thing I tell them is to read with them. It doesn't just have to be books, but read to them the newspaper or a magazine, if you spend family time watching television, read the words on the screen. Any words that you and your child come across, read them. This will help relay the message that reading is very important!

Writing: This quarter we want to also be working on knowing that the first letter of a sentence is capital, along with names, and at the end you need some kind of mark.

Thanks for reading :)

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