Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spelling for Oct 31 - Nov 11

Due to our really short week, the same spelling words will transfer over until next week. 

We are focusing on "short i" words

1. in    2. it    3.him   4. big    5. sit    6. did    **Challenge words    2. Milk   (these words also focus on our study of double consonants at the end)

Ways to study: 
1. The good ol' flash cards
2. Make it a game of memory. Make two cards for each word and they have to match them up. 
3. Timed quiz. See how fast they can write all the words (while also trying to have nice handwriting) 
4. Take a word scavenger hunt. See if you child can find these words around the house, in a book, in a newspaper, while watching T.V. 
 - Then extend that to see if they can find more spelling words than you can :) 

Happy Spelling! 

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