Monday, November 7, 2011

Lots of stuff!!

1. You will be receiving a blue list of  words. These are VERY important. These are first grade sight words. Some of you told me you where making flash cards at home each week. Here are (quite) a few of them already made for you :)

2. Spelling: Don't forget to keep practicing those spelling words. We are on the 2nd week of spelling.
in, it, him, big, sit, did, dish, milk
** for extra practice, and to make spelling more fun. Go to Click on "student" top right hand corner. Type missmcevoy as the user name and yellow46 as the password. Then have fun! There are some great games to get your student practicing at spelling and typing.

-, username: missmcevoy password: yellow46

3. Social studies will be beginning this week! Our first few lessons deal with laws and rules. Next time you are riding in your car, bring up the idea of rules and laws of driving. We will also be talking a lot about citizenship and what it means to be a good citizen in the classroom, school, and community!

4. Pence T-shirt order forms are also being sent home. Check out the school website to see the awesome shirt designs.

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