Wednesday, November 23, 2011

All parts come together to make one!

We have a very exciting two days this week! On Monday we learned A LOT about pilgrims and how they came to America. The first graders found out about how the pilgrims didn't have many of the resources that we have today. Did you know they only took two showers a year! Learning about the pilgrims made me very thankful for what I have today and all the great resources available to me. We also learned about Squanto and how the Native Americans helped the pilgrims plant food and learn better ways of hunting. Then, of course, after harvesting all the food they had the very first Thanksgiving feast. (Didn't become an official holiday until Abraham Lincoln was president!)

Then Tuesday we learned about features of today. We also discussed different buildings that make up a city. Your students where able to identify what buildings where important to a community and then we built them!

Here is what our creative juices made!

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