Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Spelling list Theme 4 week 1 - And updates

Sorry these are a little late getting up!


This is a pretty easy list for the the group!! I want to also emphasize on writing the words nicely and so they are readable.

 Can you believe it is already December!

Math: We are starting to learn about measuring and how to use a ruler. Today we watched a clip from PBS kids on non-standard measuring and we will be measuring the room with our hand-spans, arm-spans and digits. To help practice at home, pull out a ruler and practice measuring different items.

Reading: These next few weeks we are going to work on summarizing. This is a tough concept for a lot of students. I'm going to be teaching the difference between re-telling (which most of them want to do) and summarizing.

READ READ READ: Some parents asked me what else they could be doing with their child. The number one thing I tell them is to read with them. It doesn't just have to be books, but read to them the newspaper or a magazine, if you spend family time watching television, read the words on the screen. Any words that you and your child come across, read them. This will help relay the message that reading is very important!

Writing: This quarter we want to also be working on knowing that the first letter of a sentence is capital, along with names, and at the end you need some kind of mark.

Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

All parts come together to make one!

We have a very exciting two days this week! On Monday we learned A LOT about pilgrims and how they came to America. The first graders found out about how the pilgrims didn't have many of the resources that we have today. Did you know they only took two showers a year! Learning about the pilgrims made me very thankful for what I have today and all the great resources available to me. We also learned about Squanto and how the Native Americans helped the pilgrims plant food and learn better ways of hunting. Then, of course, after harvesting all the food they had the very first Thanksgiving feast. (Didn't become an official holiday until Abraham Lincoln was president!)

Then Tuesday we learned about features of today. We also discussed different buildings that make up a city. Your students where able to identify what buildings where important to a community and then we built them!

Here is what our creative juices made!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Some good stuff!

This is a first grade favorite! 

This is a fun video from the PBS electric company on possessive nouns! 

 We are also learning about contractions. Have you student refresh their memory with this short clip!

And here are a few of us doing what we do best! Being respectful, learning, and always having fun!

Some Good Stuff

Halloween is a little over, but this is a fun video from the electric company on possessive nouns.

This is a cute song on contractions!! Short and sweet.

This is a first grade favorite! They cheer when the coin song comes on. Enjoy :)

And here is some of us.....

Monday, November 14, 2011

1st grade rocks!


It is so exciting watching your students grow and learn everyday! First grade is such an important year since we start learning how to read books,  use money, to add and subtract, tell time, and much much more! This week we are focusing on: 

Reading: Contractions. How to combine he and is to make he's! Apostrophe is a tough word for our group to say, but they are catching on to the idea. When you are at home, try giving your students a few words that are separated, and have them figure out how to put them together.

Math: We will be learning about the dime tomorrow! Students received the homework earlier than anticipated. I put the sheets in the mailboxes at the beginning of the day, but instead of working on our math lesson, we had to discuss lunch room etiquette (more details below). Then at the end of the day I forgot to grab the sheet and therefore it went home. I apologize for any confusion this might have caused! 

Spelling: Don't forget to check out to practice the weekly spelling lists. Students just took the pre-test today and I am looking forward to seeing how much better they do on Friday.

Social Studies: We are learning about rules and laws. I am also adding a community aspect to our lesson and focusing on how the rules and laws help our community. Keep sending in those boxes so we can build our community next Monday and Tuesday. 

Issues in the room: Today we had a long discussion of lunch room etiquette. The first graders where being very loud in the lunchroom, among other inappropriate actions.  We took time out of our math lesson to identify what we did that was wrong, and what we are going to do after this. We also wrote an apology note to the teacher who was on duty for our actions. 

Another concern in our classroom has been tattling. We will be working a lot with what are things we are able to "let go" (i.e. if we are not hurt in anyway) and when to tell the teacher.  Students have also been tattling on each other about things that they are not involved in. For example: "I saw Johnny tell Sue to be quiet." We will also be working hard to learn about "worrying about ourselves" unless someone else is hurt. This would be a great discussion to bring up at home with your student. It is very helpful to the student to make the connection when issues are being discussed at home and in the classroom. 

Thank you again for all your help and support. I am so thankful for having not only great students, but great parents as well!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Spelling words: Theme 3 Week 3

Spelling Words:

Spelling words for the week!!
1. trip, 2. crab, 3. drip, 4, grin 5. grab 6. trap
Challenge - 7. crack 8. brown

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lots of stuff!!

1. You will be receiving a blue list of  words. These are VERY important. These are first grade sight words. Some of you told me you where making flash cards at home each week. Here are (quite) a few of them already made for you :)

2. Spelling: Don't forget to keep practicing those spelling words. We are on the 2nd week of spelling.
in, it, him, big, sit, did, dish, milk
** for extra practice, and to make spelling more fun. Go to Click on "student" top right hand corner. Type missmcevoy as the user name and yellow46 as the password. Then have fun! There are some great games to get your student practicing at spelling and typing.

-, username: missmcevoy password: yellow46

3. Social studies will be beginning this week! Our first few lessons deal with laws and rules. Next time you are riding in your car, bring up the idea of rules and laws of driving. We will also be talking a lot about citizenship and what it means to be a good citizen in the classroom, school, and community!

4. Pence T-shirt order forms are also being sent home. Check out the school website to see the awesome shirt designs.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spelling for Oct 31 - Nov 11

Due to our really short week, the same spelling words will transfer over until next week. 

We are focusing on "short i" words

1. in    2. it    3.him   4. big    5. sit    6. did    **Challenge words    2. Milk   (these words also focus on our study of double consonants at the end)

Ways to study: 
1. The good ol' flash cards
2. Make it a game of memory. Make two cards for each word and they have to match them up. 
3. Timed quiz. See how fast they can write all the words (while also trying to have nice handwriting) 
4. Take a word scavenger hunt. See if you child can find these words around the house, in a book, in a newspaper, while watching T.V. 
 - Then extend that to see if they can find more spelling words than you can :) 

Happy Spelling!