Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hello followers! You would not believe how much progress our first graders have made! Luckily, if you are a parent, conferences are Nov. 1st and 3rd and you will get to see for yourself. Keep up the great work reading and filling out those reading logs.

This week in first grade we are:

Math - learning about touch math with Miss Shepard. Touch math is a good technique for counting, adding, and subtraction. Ask your student to show you how to do touch math at home!

Reading - We are reading about bugs! Today we read a story about two kids who went on a picnic and they were blocking a bug from their home. Then we talked about the order of the story. When you are reading with your little genius at home, be sure to ask what happened first, next, and last and be ready to be blown away with how much your student can retell the story!

Writing- Our focus is on making words with the short Uu sound. We wrote about why we did, or didn't like bugs today. We should also be working on our word wall words at home! These are being sent home each week. It is very important to keep up with the words each week, the word wall is filling up and students are expected to know how to read and write them after they are posted to the wall.

 Check our these photos of our fabulous class.

Green team won our class competition last week! 

 These students learned a new game with nickels and pennies

During guided reading time students have different activities each day. Group six was at the computers reading from, and in the second page we have a student whose group was reading-to-self.

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