Friday, September 2, 2011

What a (hot) week!

We made it through our first full week of school. Well, almost full. I think everyone was happy we got out at 1:30 these past two days!

I'm sure by now, your student has told you about the fish in the room. Unfortunately two of our guppies didn't last long. I discussed with the students the importance of keeping fingers out of the tank, because we think this is what might have cause the problem. The other culprit might have been the heat. I will be adding new fish to our tank once the building has cooled down. If you have extra fish supplies i.e. weekend feeders, food, nets, etc feel free to donate to the class and sent them along with your students.

On Thursday, the students had Mrs. Morris come to the room and talk about one of our students who has autism. She told the students about the behaviors that he displays that are different from what they might do, and explained why. I thought she did a great job tell the students about him. It would also be helpful for the parents to also talk to students about diversity and students who are different. We have a very diverse group and I am incorporating a lot of activities that promote inclusion.

It was great seeing the students 'homework' bags today. One of the directions where to decorate the outside of the bag with a picture of what you wanted to be when you grow up. Some of our careers where: teacher, cop, truck driver, ninja, principal, bull figher, and two race car drivers. They have quiet the aspiring goals!

FSD has purchased a great online reading program. This is a great interactive sight to help students work on their reading skills. 

1. Go to this website:
2. Log-in: Username:  dmcevoya     Password: azkap447
3. Child will choose their name
4. Pick a book and listen to the story the first time. Read the story the second time.
5. As students read the books they get a check by the completed books. Then they become more challenging as the student progresses. After the first few levels, students will begin to answer questions as well bout the book.

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