Thursday, September 8, 2011

Always an exciting day in 1M!

What an exciting day in class today!
Hand Writing: We learned about spacing and discussed what good writers do.
Reading: There are new words on our word wall after our reading lesson today! We started theme 1 in our reading series.
Math: This was an exciting day because we learned about larger and smaller numbers and we started some addition! Here is an example of one of our word problems: What is two more than three?
Science: (yesterday) We talked about what science is and we did an experiment using a hypothesis, which is an educated guess.

Important announcements::: 1. Assembly on Friday about fundraiser.  2. Scholastic book orders went out today! If you order books, our class gets points for books! 3. If you haven't already, students need to purchase milk/juice tickets. These are $6.00.

We have also been taking a lot of assessments to show Ms. McEvoy all the great things we learned and remembered from kindergarten! These where reading, number recognition, and letter sound assessments.

 Students are getting reading to listen to some Junie B Jones.
 Way to go using that dictionary! Each student has a dictionary as a tool for writing!
Students are working in their write-to-self journals. The topic is "My favorite animal is a...."

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