Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Brushing up and getting rid of the cob webs.

We are finally getting into the nitty gritty. Last week we worked extensively on procedures and how to do the basics. Students have been demonstrating to me all those awesome skills they learned in kindergarten. Tuesday, we finally got to open up the handwriting book, and today we dove right into the first math lesson out of the books.

Soon I will be sending home a little more homework to do! This week I've been trying to figure out what the students needs are. As I tell them, it's my job to be the teacher, but it's their job to learn! One of the easiest ways for you to help your child succeed is to simply read to them, and to have them see you read as well.

An important upcoming event: October 31st we will have our first field trip! We will be adventuring to the Jefferson County Park!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week 1

Wow! What a great week. We already learned a lot about school and about each other. Our groups has 21 very unique and diverse students. It's a privilege to be their teacher! I can't wait to see the learning that will happen. 

Just a reminder, those orange folders are VERY important. If they come home after school they need to go back to school the next day. This will be how I communicate with you. It will also contain your child's homework. I will be keeping track of each assignment and it's very important to me that the students compete each one and understand the importance of assignment completion, and taking their time to do quality work. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day Jitters

Wow! What a great first day of first grade! The students and I had a fun time learning a lot of new things (both on my end and the students) We learned about classroom procedures and school expectations. The students got to show off some of their skills with color identification and hard working skills. I read a book to the students about a girl who was nervous about everything including the first day of school. The students informed me their biggest worry was having a "mean teacher"! But they were relived to find I wasn't a "mean teacher."

Can't wait to see everyone back again tomorrow!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Class Wish List: #1

From time to time I will post an updated wish list. These are items that you might have laying around not being used or would like to donate to our class! 

1. Books! (We are always looking for good books to add to our library)
2. Kids Music/CD'
3. Tubs big enough to hold medium to large books
4. Board Games 
5. Fabric (Large enough to cover a bulletin board) 
6. Hand sanitizer  
7. Sandwich and gallon sized ziplock baggies

If you are also able to volunteer around the room please let me know! I could always use an extra helping hand :)

New and exciting things are underway!

The last few weeks have been very exciting! I've been getting the room ready for the students and meeting some other wonderful teachers as well. The Pence staff has been so kind and generous. These kids are lucky to have such great educators.

Being that I am the new teacher, there are always wonders and curiosities about who I am. Well, I graduated from COE college in December and I substitute taught in Cedar Rapids for the remainder of the school year. Substituting was a very rewarding and exhausting experience.  This past summer, I spent my time teacher for a private school, Summit School, also in Cedar Rapids. I taught 8 bright preschool students on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and co-taught 16 energetic preschoolers Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. I also taught three other week long camps for kindergarten through second graders, those camps where "Mad Scientists", "Ice Cream You Scream" and "Back to School Brush-up."

This year is going to be full of new and exciting experiences for the students and myself as well! My goal is to be constantly updating this blog as well as our class Twitter and Facebook pages. Feel free to follow along and get in on all the action!

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